US Senate Calls on British Spy Chris Steele to Give Evidence on Explosive Trump-Russia Dossier

They’re coming for you, Donald, and they will not be gentle. Despite your election victory, few in your party, the other party, the United States or on Earth have much regard for you. And now you’ve given them a wedge to crack you wide open.

You have fucked with our culture, our country, and our Constitution. That comes with a cost.

Kim Sengupta – The Independent:

Christopher Steele, the former MI6 spy who prepared the explosive Trump report, has been approached about testifying before the US Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into the new President’s alleged links with Russia, The Independent can reveal.

John McCain, the former Republican presidential candidate, and chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, sent an intermediary to London in November last year to collect Mr Steele’s dossier, which was subsequently passed personally by the Senator to FBI director James Comey.

And Mr Steele had, while carrying out his Trump inquiry, himself liaised for regular periods with the bureau.

Mr Steele was, and continues to be, held in high regard by British security and intelligence services as well as the American security officials who worked with him in the past.

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