Getting Closer to Pappy

We dined with friends at a lovely Italian restaurant in The Plains, Virginia this past weekend. All agreed the food, beverages and company were first-rate. If you’re in the area, Girasole is a terrific place for fine dining.

What caught my eye as we were seated, though was this card:

A card displaying tasting prices for Pappy Van Winkle bourbon

Yes, that’s $75 for a shot of bourbon. Very rare, well-reviewed, and highly coveted bourbon.

As an Alcohol and Beverage Control licensee, Girasole apparently entered and won last fall’s statewide lottery for the 96 bottles available in Virginia. Since 18% of sales are to licensees, 18% of the winners were drawn from licensee entries. Over fifty-thousand lottery entries were received.

Mind you, this was a lottery for the right to buy a bottle of this bourbon, not win a bottle of it.

This card was the closest I’ve come to actually tasting Pappy Van Winkle. 1.5-ounces is not enough for a decent taste, and $75 for not-enough is wasted money.

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