The CBO Just Delivered a Huge Blow to Republicans’ Obamacare Replacement

Aaron Blake – The Washington Post:

Republicans, sensing this day was coming, have spent the better part of the past week arguing that the CBO score doesn’t matter, that it’s historically been a poor estimate, and even that it’s merely a “beauty contest,” as House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) put it Friday. But it’s one thing to make that case; it’s another to make just about every Republican senator believe it, as Ryan and President Trump need to. And it’s yet another to get skeptical House Republicans to vote for a bill they know could be dead on arrival in the Senate, where Republicans have just 52 votes.

The GOP is making a very big mistake casting doubt on the Congressional Budget Office. The CBO has had the non-partisan last word on the cost effect of legislation for a long time – long enough that an obscure office no-one is elected to came to be known to most Americans by only its initials. We need a fair broker of information like that. The GOP’s actions, left unchecked, will tear down yet another necessary institution.

Is this what you voted for?

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