Intellectually Bankrupt: Trump Digs In on Wiretap

Peter Baker and Charlie Savage – The New York Times:

Indeed, the White House even added a new assertion on Thursday during a fiercely combative and sometimes surreal briefing by the press secretary, Sean Spicer, who berated reporters and read from news accounts that either did not back up the president’s claims or had been refuted by intelligence officials.

One report that Mr. Spicer read contended that Mr. Obama used Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters, the signals agency known as GCHQ, to spy on Mr. Trump. In effect, the White House was embracing a claim that the United States’ closest ally collaborated with a president against a presidential candidate.

There was an active FISA warrant to investigate a couple of Russian banks, their money handling, and related “US persons” at around the same time Spicey alleges president Obama, and now Britain’s GCHQ were “wiretapping” Mr. Trump. I wonder if a counter-intelligence operation looking at Russian involvement in our upcoming election counts as wiretapping.

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