Trump Budget Cuts Put Struggling Americans on Edge

Sabrina Tavernise and Trip Gabriel – The New York Times:

Now, that program is on the chopping block. It is one of many cuts in President Trump’s new budget proposal that would inflict the deepest pain on the most vulnerable Americans — a great number of whom voted for him.

“I understand what he’s trying to do, but I think he’s just not stopping to think that there are people caught in the middle he is really going to hurt,” said Ms. Feltner, 57, who was a nurse for 25 years and voted for Mr. Trump. “He needs to make some concessions for that. I was a productive citizen. Don’t make me feel worthless now.”

It’s always someone else’s needs that are questionable, someone else’s program subsidy that’s money wasted, someone else who’s a deadbeat freeloader, until it’s you.

This article details the travails of eleven beneficiaries of programs Mr. Trump would eliminate. It’s a good read – it’ll connect you with these people’s plights and what lies ahead for them if Trump succeeds.

We really do reap what we sow.

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