Trump Drags Key Foreign Allies Into Controversy

Jenna Johnson and Karla Adam – The Washington Post:

The controversy is scheduled to continue into a third week, with [FBI Director – AJR] Comey set to testify Monday before the House Intelligence Committee. He has been asked to clarify whether the FBI is investigating Russia’s role in the 2016 election and alleged links between the Trump team and Russian officials.

On Friday, the House Intelligence Committee received a set of documents from the Justice Department in response to its request for materials regarding Trump’s accusation. The panel did not reveal whether the documents substantiate or refute the president’s wiretapping claims.

Those paragraphs give clues as to why Mr. Trump declined to express regret for his unsubstantiated accusations against former President Obama, and his office’s further accusation that the British intelligence agency GCHQ was involved, as well. Trump has been laying the groundwork for revelations that will emerge from upcoming Congressional testimony.

When they do emerge, Trump will point back to his accusations, re-implicate President Obama in the gathering of evidence, and label the damning testimony illegally brought and therefore “fake news.”

If the FISA warrant issued for investigation of “US persons” connected with Trump and Russian efforts to sway the US election implicates him, however, Trump will burn for it. Treason well qualifies as a high crime. See the Constitution of the United States, Article 2, section 4.

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