On That New iPad

Stephen Hackett, on the “new” iPad introduced March 21 – 512 Pixels:

This is the iPad for the large group of consumers not interested in turning their iPads into their work machines. These people don’t care about Workflow or advanced multitasking or Swift Playgrounds. For the masses who are still streaming Netflix and checking Facebook on iPad 2s and 3s, this new price may finally be enough to lure them back into the Apple Store.

I’d add checking email, reading books and comics, navigating with Waze or Apple/Google Maps, and anything else I do with my current iPad. There’s a short list of iPad Pro features unavailable on this refreshed model – no Pencil support for drawing, no Smart Keyboard connector, no four-speaker sound. Features many won’t miss.

At $559 for 128GB storage (all your music, all your photos, all your video) and cellular capability (GPS chip, connectivity anywhere) this is the least expensive iPad ever available with these features. With its upgraded processor and lower price, it’s the iPad I’d buy.

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