House Republicans, Deeply Divided, Face Painful Choice on Health Vote

Jennifer Steinhauer – The New York Times:

A group of the most conservative House members met with the president at the White House on Wednesday. On Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Trump met with moderate House Republicans for over an hour in the Oval Office to entertain their concerns, but did not appear to have a clear grasp of the policy specifics in question, some of them said.

Mr. Trump, a man who rushes to hang his name in gold anywhere he can, has rejected the moniker that some have given the House bill, Trumpcare.

(Emphasis, mine.)

Republicans who wanted to do tax reform, or regulation reform, or any number of other legislative business priorities in the golden “first 100 days” of the new presidency were waylaid by Mr. Trump’s agreement to put Paul Ryan’s Obamacare repeal at the top of his priority list. They didn’t have a ready replacement, and what they did cobble together serves no-one but the very wealthy, who stand to gain a tax break.

Well played. With an administration facing investigation on multiple fronts and all-but-certain defeat in tomorrow’s vote, Republican and voter good will is about to go out the window.

Let’s call this opportunity squandered. Republicans, do yourselves and America a favor: step back, take a breath and serve your country’s best interest in the coming political shitstorm.

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