∴ The Art of the Dealer

Waking to recaps of yesterday’s political news, I’m hearing surprise and wonder at how Mr. Trump, the self-described ultimate negotiator, deal-maker, and businessman failed to close the deal with members of his own party. The Affordable Care Act lives on.

This is not surprising, if you realize one thing.

Donald Trump is not, and has not ever been the ultimate anything. His businessman facade hides a string of bankruptcies, he owns outright only a small number of going concerns, and his deal-making prowess is almost entirely a fiction of his own mind. Those who repeat his claims have been suckered – first during the GOP primaries, then in the general election – and have become codependent in his falsehoods rather than face the truth. There is but one truth about Mr. Trump that’s held up all of his adult life.

Donald Trump is a shyster, a fraud. His art is not “the deal,” it’s dealing in deception. He’s walked away from more debt and responsibility in his life than some small countries. His manner is bluster, not professional. That’s why he behaves more the clown than presidential.

Trump will always sidestep a defeat by laying blame on others. Yesterday Mr. Trump laid the blame for his loss at the feet of Democrats, who were never, ever going to support Speaker Ryan’s bill.

Rather then seeing this first, failed foray into legislation as a one-off, think of it more as a template for how Mr. Trump will attempt to execute his office. A tiger, as they say, does not change his stripes. Trump has not.

Consider: a far-reaching investigation into him and his campaign’s dalliance with Vladimir Putin’s government before and after our 2016 election hasn’t yet begun. How much more we’re going to learn about the man a fraction of our electorate put into office.

We can do better than this. We did, for eight years ending in January. We shall again. We have only to wait for Mr. Trump to take his ball and going home.

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