Trump Tweets: ‘Russia story is a hoax’

Rebecca Morin – POLITICO:

President Donald Trump criticized former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s policies on Russia in a series of tweets Monday night, adding, the “Trump Russia story is a hoax.”

“Why isn’t the House Intelligence Committee looking into the Bill & Hillary deal that allowed big Uranium to go to Russia, Russian speech….”

Well, there’s desperation, right there. He’s peddling a debunked conspiracy theory as a distraction for the coming shitstorm he knows will center on him. Mr. Trump is, in a word, pathetic.

I don’t know that this guy has anyone left who believes him. The Congressional GOP just got raked over the coals trying to replace the ACA. Speaker Paul Ryan’s star isn’t looking so bright anymore. No love lost.

The “left behind” Americans who voted for Trump got a rude awakening when they realized the health insurance they had through the ACA exchanges was on the chopping block. Breathing a sigh of relief now, there’s no love lost from them, either. They’ve got to be feeling suckered, too.

Wealthy Americans who just lost out on a big tax cut – they probably never loved this guy, ever – he’s an imbecile’s idea of a wealthy man, and now they have no use for him at all.

Vlad Putin must surely realize he won’t get any relief from Trump, what with all the eyes on the Russian connection to Trump’s election. Those sanctions are staying put.

As I see it, Trump has three options. Resign and look bad, or wait until the axe falls, get impeached and look bad, or hang on by a thread and continue to look bad.

Common denominator: you look bad, sleazy and bad, Don. It’s a good look for you, though. No change.

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