Two White House Officials Helped Give Nunes Intelligence Reports

Matthew Rosenberg, Maggie Haberman, and Adam Goldman – The New York Times:

A pair of White House officials helped provide Representative Devin Nunes of California, a Republican and the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, with the intelligence reports that showed that President Trump and his associates were incidentally swept up in foreign surveillance by American spy agencies.

The revelation on Thursday that White House officials disclosed the reports, which Mr. Nunes then discussed with Mr. Trump, is likely to fuel criticism that the intelligence chairman has been too eager to do the bidding of the Trump administration.

Whatever this “thing” is we’re learning, it’s beginning to take on the stink of true scandal. Not political payback, not undoing the last election, not small politics. A cover-up is forming over whatever Mr. Trump and his lackeys did with the Russians, and as the man in the parking garage said a couple of generations ago, “these are not very bright guys.” The truth will eventually shake free.

Witness Representative Devin Nunes. Devin spends a wee too much time playing Trump apologist, working hard laying cover. He was oh-so-earnest speaking to the press about intelligence reports he wouldn’t share with the committee he chairs, the one charged with investigating the stink, a week or so back. He did, however, run right to the White House to give the appearance of briefing the president. Except the president’s people are the ones providing the intelligence reports in the first place.

Note to Devin, you don’t work for Trump. You work for your constituents, and they expect better.

It’s ok, though. These Trump apologists aren’t hardened soldiers or trained intelligence officers. They’re political cronies, toadies, and opportunists. They’re people who humor themselves believing they’re smart and successful, because they’re in the White House, in Congress, and you’re not. It’s going to be a long way down when they fall.

You might think, we should want our president to succeed.

I haven’t trusted Trump since he was a playboy in New York City decades ago, haven’t believed a word he’s said since he declared his candidacy.

I do not want him to succeed. I want the truth to be known, Trump to fall and be swept from the White House, and America to be free of his stink.

Michael Flynn’s dismissal was the first domino. Devin Nunes’ acts coming to light were the first revelation of a cover-up.

There is so much more to come. It’s important to pay attention now.

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