Trump Calls Congressional Inquiry a ‘Witch Hunt’

Julie Hirschfeld Davis – The New York Times:

President Trump said on Friday that Michael T. Flynn, the national security adviser who resigned last month over his contacts with Russian officials, should ask for immunity from prosecution in the congressional investigation into the presidential campaign’s ties to Moscow. Mr. Trump called the inquiry a politically driven “witch hunt” by the news media and Democrats.

Mr. Flynn wouldn’t need immunity if he hadn’t run afoul of the law.

Some might call it unfair to link Flynn to misdeeds simply because he’s solicited immunity, and that the president who stands to lose if Flynn is found guilty of misdeeds has voiced his support for immunity. Let’s take a look at what Flynn had to say about immunity last year (CNBC):

When you are given immunity, that means you have probably committed a crime.


He’s not going to get that immunity he seeks, anyway. Not in the Senate (NBC News):

The Senate Intelligence Committee turned down the request by former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s lawyer for a grant of immunity in exchange for his testimony, two congressional sources told NBC News.

and not in the House (Bloomberg):

The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee said President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser would have to go through several steps before lawmakers would consider offering immunity in exchange for his testimony.

At least, not yet. Maybe when there’s plenty of blood in the water and the big fish is almost on the hook, well, maybe then, after Flynn has twisted in the wind long enough to hold back nothing.

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