Trump: ‘We may terminate’ U.S.-South Korea Trade Agreement

Philip Rucker – The Washington Post:

President Trump threatened to terminate the U.S. trade agreement with South Korea in an interview Thursday night, declaring that the five-year-old accord with a key ally was “a horrible deal” that has left America “destroyed.”

During an Oval Office interview about trade policy in North America, Trump served notice that he is looking to disrupt an important partnership in the tumultuous Asia-Pacific region as well — even with Seoul on edge because of North Korea’s escalating military provocations.

Donald Trump is an unwise man. Let’s count the ways …

He threatens to terminate an important trade agreement with a close ally at the same time he dares the loose cannon government along that ally’s northern border to start a nuclear war, giving the appearance that the United States is willing to abrogate treaties with that ally. The loose cannon government may feel free to move on into the ally’s territory as a result of this seeming weakness in our relationship.

He describes the United States, whose military he leads and whose people he must rally to support his efforts, as “destroyed.” Two birds go down with this stone: a “destroyed” America is a weaker adversary, and its people are likely demoralized and either unwilling to support the president’s actions, or willing to go along with anything. Either way, we appear weak and helpless.

Hang your head in shame if you voted for this blockhead.

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