∴ Fans Feel Robbed of Bill O’Reilly, but Stick With Fox

Sydney Ember – The New York Times:

[Alyce Bradley] delivered her verdict. “I think the left is just out to get him — they won,” she said. “He’s never been convicted, and I feel like he has been shut down.”

Her husband was more circumspect. “I like him, but I don’t like what he did, all the sexual harassment,” Bill Bradley, 57, said. “He could be innocent,” he added, “but why did he resign or whatever?”

Two paragraphs that say much about the phenomenon that was Bill O’Reilly. His fan base was largely uncritical of him. And I admit, I’ve agreed with a few opinions he’s espoused. Not everyone buys the non-thinking righty “I’ve been robbed” meme, though.

Alyce gives voice to the less thoughtful “conservative” crowd’s hobby horse. I put conservative in quotes, because the less-thoughtful brand of righty politics is largely driven not by economic or foreign policy ideas, but rather by fear of the other – xenophobia – verging on racism. Her theme is “the left won.”

What Alyce fails to say, fails to understand, probably doesn’t know is that the Republican party holds most of the statehouses, most of the governor’s mansions, both houses of Congress and the White House. How, Alyce, did the left “win?” Your guy, O’Reilly, is a hired stooge. He holds no sway in our politics.

Alyce is an example of what the rest of us charitably refer to as not too bright. Her husband does better, though.

Bill Bradley doesn’t have a fine bead on the O’Reilly transgressions. “Why did he resign or whatever?” At least he doesn’t like “all the sexual harassment.”

Let’s focus: O’Reilly was fired, Bill. Fired. He went on “vacation,” because he was white hot bad news for Fox and they needed to pull his shit out of the news cycle, and once he was out of circulation it was adios, amigo. Well, more adios, less amigo.

O’Reilly’s fans may feel robbed. He didn’t get to bid them farewell, and although I don’t give a shit, I do understand the emotional loss of a big player in the daily soap opera that is Fox “News.”

For Alyce and everyone else who misses O’Reilly, I offer this: adjust your perspective and view the long-running Fox “News” product as a soap opera. How many soap actors have “died,” only to rise again? Bill may rise again. Your intellect, eventually, will rise again. Not until you stop your thoughtless, unintelligent, intellectually bankrupt mode of thinking, but one day, before you die. Maybe.

Consider this a bracing warm-up. Your suffering, as you discover what you’ve done and where your mode of non-thinking has lead us, will increase. Or you’ll continue the “I’ve been robbed” meme and, eventually, rise up. That will be a bad show. Do not do that. You will not be pleased with the result. The sneaky people with the technology and the boys and girls with the guns swore an oath not to you, your clown president, or your favorite boob tube star. The Constitution prevails. You will not. Suck it.

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