America, From Exceptionalism to Nihilism

Pankaj Mishra – The New York Times:

Generalizing about the world at large on the basis of personal success, or proclaiming that life has never been so wonderful, can be politically disastrous, it turns out, especially when loss, decay and fear sum up the experiences of many other people. We will have learned nothing from Mr. Trump’s victory if we do not examine today how and why American elites came to indulge in ressentiment-generating boosterism just as economic and cultural inequality was becoming intolerable to so many, and how their loss of intellectual credibility and moral authority brought about the post-truth era.

A long, thoughtful essay on what amounts to the rise and fall of “the American Century,” and how the United States has lost its moral and intellectual authority. It’s not pleasant news for Americans, but rather a hard truth about where and what we are. Raise your intellect by giving it a read and some thought.

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