James Gunn, Guardian of the ‘Guardians’ Franchise

Dave Itzkoff – The New York Times:

On the original film, Mr. Pratt said, “we benefited from people’s lowered expectations. We could sneak in and be this movie that they didn’t see coming. Now they’re waiting in line for this.


I had to stop reading after this paragraph, as there are no spoiler horns in The Times and I detected the start of give-it-away reporting. The first two-thirds of the article, though, inspired confidence that Mr. Gunn will not squander the good will his last effort engendered.

No film has moved so quickly for me from “no-fucking-way” (that’s a quote because I uttered those exact words after I saw the original cinematic trailer years ago), through this-is-fun, to Saturday-night-with-a-cocktail comfort entertainment as Guardians of the Galaxy. Hell, I bought the soundtrack album on iTunes, which come to think of it is one of the main reasons the film gelled so well with me.

I have such high hopes for Volume 2, but also trepidation that this fun, tiny corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to join the Ironman-Avengers megalith. I like most of the films of the megalith, yet I do not like the idea or feeling of inevitability of the megalith.

(It is, in a way, why I love Rogue One. The characters are not of the Star Wars pantheon, not really, can’t be, and don’t need to be. They are real and absorbing and enchanting all on their own, for as long as it lasted.)

Example: I enjoyed Ant-man. I didn’t want Ant-man to join the Avengers. I wanted Ant-man to do his own thing, on his own. Another example: I didn’t like Spider-man. I don’t want Spider-man to join wth the Avengers, anyway. A third example: I so dig Black Widow. I want to watch a Black Widow film. I want to see Black Widow, devoid of Bruce Banner and bereft of her loss, to depart for solo films. Scarlett can carry a film (see: Lucy). Final example, gratuitous as it may be: I so despised Deadpool that for the coming sequel I want nothing more than a very heavy object to fall, with finality, upon Deadpool and end the abomination that is this character’s existence. I am, apparently, in the minority.

I don’t want Guardians to become part of that. In a few days we’ll find out how it went.

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