Republicans Get Their Health Bill. But It May Cost Them

Jennifer Steinhauer – The New York Times:

by leaning on members to vote for a bill that many fear will take too much health care from too many people, Mr. Ryan has exposed moderate Republicans to withering political attack, especially in the roughly two dozen districts where Hillary Clinton prevailed, but also in places where the Affordable Care Act’s popularity has been increasing.

“If you’re in a very moderate-to-Democratic district, yeah,” Representative Peter T. King, Republican of New York, said of the potential risk to Republicans, conceding it is a worry for his entire party.

Pyrrhic victory, by one-half. If the Senate votes down the bill and reconciliation doesn’t work out, these Congressmen will have exposed themselves to a huge potential backlash in 2018, with no short-term upside. And the people most affected by this health care bill, so poor in its provisions Congress exempted itself from it, are largely backers of Mr. Trump and his cronies in Congress.

Good luck. You’ve earned this.

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