An Alternative Take on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Annalee Newitz – Ars Technica:

If there’s anything wrong with this movie or its cast, I’m afraid to say it’s Kurt Russell. I love me some Snake Plissken as much as the next ’80s kid, but Ego feels very one-note. Unlike pretty much every other character in the movie—including the bad guys—he never has any funny lines or zany bits. Of course he’s supposed to be a grandiose egomaniac (duh), but that doesn’t mean his whole part of the film has to be draggy and ponderous. He does a lot of unnecessary infodumping, and even his evil moments feel kind of blah. We get more snap and pizzaz in the brief cameo from David Hasselhoff than we do out of 15 minutes of Ego.

Still, the film overall is both a visual treat and surprisingly thoughtful adventure. It’s about accepting your friends for who they really are and forming family where you find it. Oh and also? It’s about blowing stuff up. Lots and lots of stuff. And exploding. And fire. Yeah, it’s about fire, too.

Annalee’s take is spot-on, though she forgives or simply overlooks the overabundance of dialog in this otherwise fun story. I suspect that’s what you get from a review written by someone whose tone is more fanlike of the material than a critic.

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