The Extent of Republican Dishonesty

The GOP-offered AHCA bill that passed the the House May 4, 2017 was posted for twenty-four hours prior to voting. It was passed out of zero committees. It was available for public comment for zero days. The CBO has yet to get to the bottom of it, two days later. Yet here’s what the press secretary for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan claims today:

Tweet showing an outright lie about review of the House AHCA bill

Buddhists call this sort of thing “direct learning:” elect lying creatures with the moral courage of hyena, suffer a greater suffering in future days. Not because of any cosmic justice, but rather because volition draws in that direction. Suffering begets more suffering.

Americans have another way of phrasing this concept: you reap what you sow, or, what goes around, comes around. It’s a little early for a victory lap.

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