Days Before He Was Fired, Comey Asked for More Resources for Russia Investigation

Matthew Rosenberg and Matt Apuzzo – The New York Times:

Days before he was fired, James B. Comey, the former F.B.I. director, asked the Justice Department for a significant increase in resources for the bureau’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the presidential election, according to three congressional officials who were briefed on his request.

Mr. Comey asked for the resources last week from Rod J. Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, who also wrote the Justice Department’s memo that was used to justify the firing of Mr. Comey this week, the officials said.

Mr. Comey then briefed members of Congress on the meeting in recent days, telling them about his meeting with Mr. Rosenstein, who is the most senior law enforcement official supervising the Russia investigation.

You don’t say. Almost as if Comey had a body of evidence in sight, and needed more people and funding to investigate.

Elsewhere (

Federal prosecutors have issued grand jury subpoenas to associates of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn seeking business records, as part of the ongoing probe of Russian meddling in last year’s election, according to people familiar with the matter. CNN learned of the subpoenas hours before President Donald Trump fired FBI director James Comey.

Comey goes to the DoJ for more people and money to pursue the connection between Mr. Trump’s campaign and the Russian government. He’s fired on the same day subpoenas are delivered in that same investigation. Connect the dots.

The Trump administration is clearly, and beyond any doubt, the most crooked and conflicted presidency in my lifetime. That’s long enough to dimly remember Watergate, and to read thoroughly on that 1973-74 scandal in later years. My gut says Trump will exceed Nixon’s sins.

I can’t see Trump stepping down, but I’ve seen him sidestep responsibility in his business failings several times, leaving suckers holding the bag. Trump’s main problem: there’s no-one to leave holding this bag. He’s the top of the pile and cannot delegate responsibility. There’s no bankruptcy court to save his bacon today.

It won’t happen today, or next week, or in a month. At some point, though, this fucker Trump is going down, whether by his own submission or by successfully prosecuted articles of impeachment.

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