Tesla Starts Pre-orders on Solar Roof for $1,000, Rolls Out Calculator For Costs

Megan Geuss – Ars Technica:

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Twitter on Wednesday that the company’s solar roof panels would be available for pre-order that afternoon. In a press conference Wednesday afternoon, Tesla and SolarCity executives said the roof would be cheaper, on the whole, than installing a regular tile roof (although not cheaper than an asphalt roof). Pre-orders require a $1,000 payment to secure a place on the list.

Intriguing idea. Click through for a close-up photo of the tiles – they’re claimed to be all but indistinguishable from ground level.

A customer’s roof would be populated by both solar and non-solar tiles. Customers with greater energy needs – say, one who charges an electric car daily – would have a higher ratio of solar-to-non-solar tiles. The mix would generate an aggregate energy production suited to the customer’s needs.

A roof-full of tiles, installed, runs over $35k in the example given. Steep, but as with every technology, the price will decline as production and installation increase.

If I’m building a house six or eight years from now – around the time I give up my career habit – these will be in my sights.

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