Trump Acknowledges ‘facts’ Shared With Russian Envoys During White House Meeting

Ashley Parker – The Washington Post:

President Trump appeared to acknowledge Tuesday that he revealed highly classified information to Russia — a stunning confirmation of a Washington Post story and a move that contradicted his own White House team after it scrambled to deny the report.

It’s ok. Mr. Trump often shoots himself and his administration in the foot.

It’s ok, too, because when the president does it, it’s not a crime. That’s true.

^^^sarcasm. It’s not ok, regardless of legality, but maybe believing so makes people feel better. Maybe it makes those “patriots” across America who support Trump feel we’re not being sold out by this treasonous, criminal clown.

Maybe they’ll keep telling themselves that when articles of impeachment are drawn up, and debated, and voted in the affirmative, and he’s tried in the Senate. After all, Trump’s supporters will say pretty much anything to justify their poor choice last November, including ranting that “the Russians are our friends.”

With friends like Vlad Putin, who needs enemies?

Maybe all those people who said “the election’s over, why do you keep writing and complaining about Trump” should read a newspaper and wake the fuck up. Time to speak out, people. It’s your country that’s at stake.

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