‘I think we’re in impeachment territory,’ Says David Gergen, Former Aide to Nixon and Clinton

Derek Hawkins – The Washington Post:

“I think we’re in impeachment territory.” Those were not the words of a left-wing political blogger with high hopes, nor a hyperactive Twitter maven spouting conspiracy theories. They came from David Gergen, the typically moderate, mild-mannered CNN analyst and former aide to four presidents, both Republican and Democrat.

If he’s lost David Gergen, Mr. Trump’s lost the presidency. Nominally a counselor to Republican presidents, Gergen is the guy Bill Clinton brought in after the Monica Lewinski scandal to help right his presidency. He’s the closest you’ll find to a statesman outside elected office, and he not only sees what we all see, he’s willing to make the hard (for a Republican) call.

Gergen’s stature is such that his words may in hindsight constitute the tipping point for the Trump presidency. Senators and Congressmen should take note.

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