∴ Spectre Trailer Re-cut With Moore as Bond, via Daring Fireball

John Gruber posts a short piece and a link to the film trailer for Spectre re-cut with Roger Moore as James Bond. It’s an interesting watch for any Bond fan, so if that’s you, take a look.

I’m undecided about his conclusion, though. Gruber states “Makes me think the franchise could use some Moore-like suaveness when they recast the role post-Craig,” and as a well-known fan of the fictional character he’s welcome to his informed opinion. I lean toward disagreement, however.

The revelation of Craig as Bond wasn’t his blond hair, blue eyes, or his “perfectly-formed arse,” as Vesper Lynde put it. It was his grim, no-nonsense approach to Bond’s true job description: assassin. He’s no spy, not when he’s instantly recognized everywhere, as was Moore’s interpretation.

Craig’s intrigue is his matter-of-factness about his character’s work. I don’t know how suave – a manly-yet-feminine charisma –  fits into that when Bond’s hallmark, going back to Sean Connery, is “bang, you’re dead.” Or to quote Tuco’s law, “When you have to shoot, shoot; don’t talk.” Moore’s Bond had a wee too much cute dialog for me.

I’m likely seeing this through the lens of my preferred spy flick, the quieter, slower, and occasionally uglier type depicted in screenwriting based on le Carré, and The Good Shepherd. Call this my Bond preference, and cheers to Gruber’s take. I think we’d agree that the next choice of actor will be fascinating. Until then, I’m content with my spare, minimalist killer.

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