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Umair Haque – Medium:

It’s quite clear now that America is in the initial stages of collapse. Let me be clear about what that means.

A five-minute read, broken down into four points. I don’t know that I fully agree with Haque’s conclusion, but this column does naturally follow last week’s, and with that column I fully agree.

This is not a blame America first column. This is an America, working to fix the world, neglected to develop itself column.

We have, as a culture and a governed people, failed to move beyond the segregation that followed slavery by moving to an egalitarian society. Instead, we harbored resentments sprung from legislated change. We denied or scorned benefits enacted to help less fortunate and historically denied persons a hand up, or accused all of gaming the system given the example of a few.

Outcomes of this stagnation of thought mentioned by Haque:

Collapse means that America is broken in nearly every conceivable way. Go ahead, and pick an “indicator”, as the Vox types like to call it — any simple fact of social reality. Here are three of my favorites, because they determine people’s quality of life. Life expectancy, income, trust. All three are falling now.

You’d expect the beneficiaries of a stagnated culture, those in the privileged class, to show the least damage from it. No. Death by suicide is climbing among white men, outstripping other self-inflicted causes of death. The center is failing to hold.

Our contemporaries throughout the rest of the West matured, expanded the reach of what they’d fought for last century, and prospered, while our culture stagnated.

Think on this essay this Memorial Day weekend as you contemplate the sacrifice of so many American men and women in armed conflict. What did they fight for? What does the Constitution of the United States exist to achieve? How did their sacrifice benefit all of us when life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are still routinely denied to an increasing number of our citizens?

Don’t think so? How do you explain the outcome that is Mr. Trump, the haters, and the despaired of spirit and employment we saw supporting his campaign? How do you explain the wage and social stagnation that has gripped our economy and segments of our population since the 1970s?

Perhaps you’ll write about it.

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