Merkel, After Discordant G-7 Meeting, Is Looking Past Trump

So’s the rest of Europe, Vladimir Putin must hope.

Alison Smale and Steven Erlanger – The New York Times:

Clearly disappointed with Mr. Trump’s positions on NATO, Russia, climate change and trade, Ms. Merkel said in Munich on Sunday that traditional alliances were no longer as steadfast as they once were and that Europe should pay more attention to its own interests “and really take our fate into our own hands.”

“The times in which we could rely fully on others — they are somewhat over,” Ms. Merkel added, speaking on the campaign trail after a contentious NATO summit meeting in Brussels and a Group of 7 meeting in Italy. “This is what I experienced in the last few days.”

Ms. Merkel’s strong comments were a potentially seismic shift in trans-Atlantic relations. With the United States less willing to intervene overseas, Germany is becoming an increasingly dominant power in a partnership with France.

One early verdict in what we had in President Obama, and what will become part of his legacy, was the last act of Pax Americana – the final act of the 20th century superpower. Mr. Trump will preside over the tipping point into a long, international US decline for his ignorance of America’s rightful place in the world.

Europe has awakened to not only its own strengths, but the necessity of them. In Donald Trump’s America they can no longer trust. This is a good thing in one sense: we as a nation may no longer see the need or the desire by others for our “world’s policeman” role. On the other hand, American influence will wane. That’s a clear danger not only to our own interests, but those of other liberal democracies, as well.

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