Tiger Woods DUI — Everyman

Kevin D. Williamson – National Review:

There is something in our puritanical national soul that is satisfied by the fact that those who fly higher have farther to fall. These episodes bring out something ignoble in us. But it isn’t just celebrities, of course: The high and mighty are just the ones we talk about. An astonishing share of lottery winners go broke, and it isn’t because people with low character or weak wills are just lucky with the numbers. People like Tiger Woods and Allen Iverson, who win life’s lottery, often have the same bad luck in the end: the bad luck of being human.

A brief, yet telling study of Iverson, Woods, and the American cultural infatuation with icons and their eventual falls. Frankly, I’d fail the “Iverson test,” as the author calls it, too.

Worth a read.

[Woods has claimed a mix of prescription drugs, not alcohol, led to his DUI arrest.]

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