Republicans are Predicting the Beginning of the End of the Tea Party in Kansas

Ana Swanson and Max Ehrenfreund – The Washington Post:

Kansas was at the heart of the tea party revolution, a red state where, six years ago, a deeply conservative group of Republicans took the state for a hard right turn. Now, after their policies failed to produce the results GOP politicians promised, the state has become host to another revolution: a resurgence of moderate Republicans.

Moderate Republicans joined with Democrats this week to raise state taxes, overriding GOP Gov. Sam Brownback’s veto and repudiating the conservative governor’s platform of ongoing tax cuts. The vote was a demonstration of the moderates’ newfound clout in the state Republican Party. Brownback was unable to successfully block the bill because many of the die-hard tax cut proponents had either retired or been voted out of office, losing to more centrist candidates in GOP primaries.

A promising start. I may be able to again vote for a Republican in my lifetime.

In the mean time, Brownback’s time has passed, and his policies have failed. Time for him to go.

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