Everything It Will Take to Get Faster Wi-Fi on Planes

Alexis Madrigal – The Atlantic:

A plane is a flying data-generating machine. Honeywell wants to tie all of these data streams together. They want to sell airlines components, the service for assessing the data that the sensors on those parts generate, apps for pilots, and a host of other services they have rolled under Slyker in a business they call the “Connected Aircraft.” And the charismatic avatar of their capabilities and the coming change is their next-gen internet technology, the Wi-Fi, which they have branded Jetwave.

Fascinating story about the next generation of airborne WiFi, right down to the aircraft antennae, space-based transceivers, and a ground station tucked away in Lino Lakes, Minnesota.

The test aircraft sports some amusing decals highlighting parts built by Honeywell, too. See the article for a photo.

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