∴ A Lumpy Little Puppy in my Life

A light yellow Labrador Retriever puppy, one week old

Kelly and I took a second visit with Jane this past weekend. Jane’s four year-old Lab, Fly, had a litter the weekend before. We weren’t sure we’d get a pup after our visit a month ago, being late to the crowd that Jane’s Labs attract, but Fly gave birth to ten pups. We’re in luck!

We spent a good three hours chatting with Jane the first time around, enjoying her home tucked away from the world and her Labs making a fuss over us. This time around we spent a couple of hours, having ten pups to handle and fuss over in return.

Jane has the pups gathered together in a small kiddie pool layered with dog beds and blankets. Just a week old, these babies still have their eyes and ears shut. They have no trouble tracking their mama around the room by scent, though.

One of these sweeties will come home with us six weeks from now, probably a boy – something different for us – and probably having a light yellow coat, something very familiar and well-loved in our home. Who knows, though? There are seven yellow, three black; six male, four female. We’ll see.

We’ll return to Jane’s home together at least once more in the mean time, if not more, and I’ll visit her place another couple of times on my own. This is how she places her pups, observing each dog’s behavior in the pack and again with prospective adopters.

A black Labrador Retriever puppy, one wek old

It’s the first time I’ve let someone select a dog for me. Admittedly it’s an act of faith. After five hours with Jane talking dogs, handling pups, and getting to know her, I’m comfortable with whichever we bring home.

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