∴ Moving Forward, Looking Back

White Labrador Retriever pup at two weeks old

We’re on a path to adopting a Labrador Retriever puppy. The litter turned two weeks old this morning.

Today brings our third visit with Jane, her pack, and Fly’s litter; the second with the pups at hand.

I’m excited for this visit. The pup’s eyes should be open this week, and that’s sure to spark their curiosity.

There’s a little anxiety attendant as well. It’s difficult to put words to why. We’re moving on from Zele – a process that began in March – and we’re unsure which of these pups will eventually come home with us. Saying goodbye to my sweet Zele-girl was one of the most difficult moments in my life. Saying hello to a new Lab puppy, whichever pup that will be, is deeply meaningful to me.

Our dogs are, for lack of eloquence, more than pets. They’re the closest we’ll come to children, they’re who we’ll come home to every day, they are who our lives will revolve around for years to come.

My plan for today is to bury myself in a pen full of pups and enjoy the time spent.

Here’s a sampling of what we found. I’m most at ease among a pack of dogs, so perspectives are mostly from the floor.

The sweet boy above found his way back to me twice while I was handling his brothers and sisters. I’d have left with him today had he been old enough.

The little one below enjoyed a scratch on the neck from Kelly.

White Labrador Retriever pup getting a scratch on the neck

A black Labrador Retriever pup snoozing away the day

The pup at left spent much of the time snoozing, being jostled awake once and again as we each handled the litter.


















Me, surrounded by the litter.

A pile of black and white Labrador Retriever puppie

All for now. We won’t see these guys again for ten days. The puppies should be significantly larger and more active by then. Their vision should resolve shapes, if not faces, and their ears will be open and able to hear us talking to them. Can’t wait.

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