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Solace Brewing Company logo in etched glass

So we went here today. Solace Brewing of Dulles (Sterling), Virginia is a young buck of a craft brewer located under the departure end of Dulles International’s runway 30, with a large service space, a long bar, and a gorgeous brewhouse. They’re open but three weeks, yet sport six beers, with three more on short order.

Neal and I spent a few hours here sampling their beers, shootin’ the shit, and generally enjoying each other’s company. Our pal Alex and his family happened in mid-flight, proving great minds think alike. After sitting amid a pile of Labrador puppies, it’s one of my life’s true pleasures.

These folks present a simple, straightforward proposition: beer, t-shirts, glasses, and communal space. The beer spans styles from witbier to blonde ale to a pair of IPAs, with a tasty brown ale thrown in for good measure. They’ll drain three brite tanks in the coming two weeks to put up a third IPA, a stout, and a double IPA. Their brewers are working it.

Solace Brewing's beer engine

Here’s a couple shots of their brewhouse.

The blue thing is a heat exchanger. It cools the boiled wort from around 200 degrees to something that won’t kill the yeast. Brewers make sugar water. Yeast makes beer.

Notice not only a three-vessel brewing system, but duplication amid their tanking. They can effectively malt two-at-a-time, boil a kettle and keep hot liquor at the ready for sparging all at once.










All of their finished beer is packaged off to kegs, and the taps are served from a cold room just off the side of the retail space.

Big Ass Fan

Of note, their cold room keeps the beer at a lovely cellar temperature. If you’re ordering an IPA, drink it now. The ambient air temperature is wind-chilled by two of these Big Ass Fans, and will warm your beer to stinky-feet aroma right quick if you wait.








 There’s room for another four brite tanks behind these guys.

Solace Brewing Company's brite tanks

If you’re in the Sterling, Virginia area and looking for a beer, this young brewery is worth a stop. Say “hey” to Holly behind the bar, and enjoy a Beach Bod blonde ale while you’re there.

Solace Brewing Company's beers

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