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Yellow Labrador Retriever puppies

We spent last weekend visiting family and friends, returning in time for me to pay another visit to the litter of Labrador pups from which ours will emerge.

This time around they were more active, their eyes open and their minds curious. They’ve been moved from the kiddie pool upstairs to a penned area in the basement, adjacent to the four adult dogs’ kennels.

As I sat down in the pen I was swarmed by ten energetic young dogs. I was in heaven. Along with laying on the floor with my own dogs, this is one of my favorite places in life.

The litter was fed while I sat among them. They’ve moved mainly to solid food and milk by now, their mom fairly pooped after three weeks of nursing. Afterward I had ten messy puppies back on me, nibbling at my fingers, crawling on my lap and sniffing all around.

They’re growing quickly, noticeably bigger than during our last visit.

Yellow Lab puppy sleeping

Black Lab puppy

Though we don’t know which it’ll be I know for sure I’ve had our pup in my hands, scratching its belly and whispering in its ear more than once. I think of all the experiences we’ll have after that one joins our home. The years of companionship and enjoyment, the challenges of training and the reward of a well behaved, loyal dog. All that potential is bottled up inside one of these pups and within my mind, about to unfold.

The anticipation of that next stretch of life is all-consuming at times. I need to remind myself to breathe and get back to my daily life for just a while longer.

Three weeks from today, these pups will be ready for adoption. One will come home with Kelly and me. Can’t wait.

Labrador Retriever litter

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