∴ NFL Blackballing of Kaepernick is a Disgrace

Not that this is the stupidest or least humane response to an issue by the NFL. The way it handled Ray Rice’s beat-down of his girlfriend in an elevator in plain view of a security camera arguably ranks up there. But why rank sins?

William C. Rhodes – The Undefeated:

Kaepernick vs. the NFL is not a football issue and never has been. Anyone who believes that Kaepernick’s continued unemployment is about ability is being dangerously naïve.

Kaepernick’s protests last season are precisely why he remains unsigned today. Lesser players are already under contract. His unemployment is another tell that the NFL, as part of larger American culture, is unwilling to face America’s original sin. Doing so might tarnish the brand.

Dr. King was shot dead for doing this. John Lewis was bludgeoned nearly to death. Black and white men and women were beaten, terrorized, killed, buried, and forgotten. For decades. The list of those suffering the backlash of cultural denial is long.

Memory, for much of the American culture who repudiate Kaepernick and his supporters, is short.

Kaepernick made a conscious choice to draw attention to himself, which begged the question why he was taking a knee. We all know why. The fallout he’s seeing this season is part of that conscious choice, too. He knew he’d be not only excoriated, but sidelined, and then unemployed and unemployable in the NFL. We should continue to ask, why?

There’s an upside to this predictability. News of Kaepernick’s treatment this season will be reported, as here. A few more minds will ask why?, wake up, and decry the ongoing second-classness of being non-white in America.

Slavery. Jim Crow.  Segregationist housing and schooling. Mass incarceration. Racist policing. Economic oppression. Openly white supremacist activism after the election of Mr. Trump.

Tell me again how we’re all treated equal in America, because I don’t believe it.

There is a truth out there that will eventually make this problem, the sorest American problem since our founding, moot. Census data doesn’t lie. The tide of color in America is decidedly a multitude of shades darker than European white. And as multi-racial families grow in number, the coloring of America grows. That’s fact. You can look it up (page 9, table 2).

We shouldn’t have to wait for generations to die before the promise of America is brought to everyone.

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