∴ A Week: Now, I Remember

Bodhi came to live with us a week ago today. All the memories of puppies past came back in a rush, as well. Funny how a puppy sitting up, watching you come down the stairs answering his barks, makes a 3am potty break not so bad. Especially when he makes it out the door and into the grass!

Bodhi (left) reminded me of that little girl on the right so much …

Cream yellow Labrador Retriever BodhiCream yellow Labrador Retriever Zele

… I had to find a photo of Zele’s first day with us to see why.

Their behaviors subtly differ, but the experiences of their joining our pack are very similar. Falling in love with both snuck up on us fast.

Stella, our senior Golden Retriever, has come into her own as a playmate for Bodhi. It took her a few days to warm up to him, but now they’re rolling around, tugging chew toys and sampling each others’ meals.

All-in-all it’s been a welcome week  of renewal around our home. Bodhi is going to become a very sweet boy, and a beautiful male Lab. Life with this guy is good.

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