This Republican Pollster Is Losing Faith in the GOP

Kristen Soltis Anderson, a Republican pollster, as quoted by Ronald Brownstein – The Atlantic:

What has really shaken me in recent weeks is the consistency in polling where I see Republican voters excusing really bad things because their leader has excused them,” she told me. “[Massachusetts Governor] Charlie Baker, [UN Ambassador] Nikki Haley, [Illinois Representative] Adam Kinzinger—I want to be in the party with them. But in the last few weeks it has become increasingly clear to me that most Republican voters are not in that camp. They are in the Trump camp.

The portion of the party coalition willing to tolerate, if not actively embrace, white nationalism “is larger than most mainstream Republicans have ever been willing to grapple with,” she added.

Now, though, Anderson sees Trump systematically advancing the most divisive elements of his agenda while slighting any reforms. “I cannot think of a worse possible direction we could be going,” she said glumly.

My personal experience has been identical. I’ve long said, these people would defend a criminal if he had an “R” after his name. (I used a different phrase than “criminal,” but there’s no need to be that harsh here.) In the long spiral down that is the Trump presidency, that day may actually come. Until then, many right-leaning apologists give every indication they’re on board with whatever the shyster-in-chief says and does.

This revelation sparked a discussion in our home. Are these people secretly regretting their vote, yet doubling down out of some misbegotten sense of shame/regret/loyalty? Or do millions of Americans truly support the shifty, racist, Muslim-hating, frightened-of-the-world behavior Mr. Trump espouses and embraces?

The linked article is about one GOP pollster’s shock at her party’s failure at basic decency. It’s worth a read if you, like me, expect Mr. Trump to be the tipping point where the party slides into permanent decline and failure. It is a signal we should bear witness to as it passes. For the rest, you’re either lost to delusion or not paying attention.

Our Constitution is biased toward a two-party system. As history shows, there’s nothing that says “Republican” need be one of them.

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