∴ Our Sweet Prince

White Labrador Retriever puppy asleep

Bodhi has settled into our home and routines – this week he’s made it through the night without a spot on the training pads, and (usually) lets us know when he needs to go out.

He’s learned “kennel,” “sit,” “inside,” and the crucial “kisses.” We’re making the move from mouthing to licks, and with a Lab puppy, that’s a good thing. Once his adult teeth are in, though, we’ll let him address us as he pleases. A soft mouth on the hand is as good as a lick to me, and without the shark teeth feels much more friendly.

He’s very fond of his pal, Stella, but at twelve-years old Stella isn’t so much a fan of his barking in her face. The kennel comes in handy here.

Our old girl has gotten permanent dispensation to sleep with us upstairs in compensation, as long as she can make it up and down the stairs.

I spent a four-night stay with friends in Montana this past weekend and swear Bodhi’s behavior matured while I was away. He’s less scattered of mind, has a wag of tail for all of us all the time, and today he spent my work-from-home day mostly out of the kennel. He’s sleeping (somewhat) on the big dog bed next to Kelly’s chair in the photo because he was behaving himself and, after a chew on a toy, wandered there and laid down for a nap.

I love this little dog.

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