CCRB Substantiates Charges Against Policeman in Eric Garner Case

Matt Taibbi – Rolling Stone:

New York’s Civilian Complaint Review Board has substantiated two complaints against Daniel Pantaleo, the New York City policeman caught on tape in the infamous Eric Garner case. Rolling Stone has learned the board ruled that Pantaleo did in fact use a chokehold, and also ruled that Pantaleo restricted Garner’s breathing.

The Department of Justice is still considering federal civil rights charges in the Garner case, and a grand jury has been convened to consider the matter. The final resolution of Pantaleo’s internal police discipline will likely not come until after the federal case has been resolved one way or the other.

The NYPD finally admits to an illegal chokehold used by one of its officers, which led to the death of Eric Garner. Garner, a black man, had been detained for selling individual cigarettes.

Killed by a cop for selling individual cigarettes. Killed by a cop. Extrajudicial killing. A medical examiner later ruled his death a homicide. Homicide is a crime. THINK.

Do you feel safer?

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