Nowhere to Hide: What Machines Can Tell From Your Face

The Economist:

Eventually, continuous facial recording and gadgets that paint computerised data onto the real world might change the texture of social interactions. Dissembling helps grease the wheels of daily life. If your partner can spot every suppressed yawn, and your boss every grimace of irritation, marriages and working relationships will be more truthful, but less harmonious. The basis of social interactions might change, too, from a set of commitments founded on trust to calculations of risk and reward derived from the information a computer attaches to someone’s face. Relationships might become more rational, but also more transactional.

Facial recognition has already gone far beyond recognizing identity. It’s a fascinating technology, but I’m not sure a future replete with technology-provided cues as to what those around us are truly thinking or feeling in the moment will be a comfortable one. Do you really want to know what emotions others are experiencing when they look at you?

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