Faviconographer: Tab Favicons in Safari for Mac

John Gruber – Daring Fireball:

It’s not as good as true per-tab favicon support in Safari would be, but it’s closer than you think. And, importantly, it really is a clean hack, insofar as it doesn’t inject code or anything like that. And it’s free. If you use Safari you should try it.

I’ll echo Gruber’s comments as far as they go, but add that Daniel Alm’s neat hack Faviconographer comes up short in one critical way, one it cannot remedy. Safari is coded to stack all open tabs nearly one atop another beyond the first ten. The only way to see each tab’s page name beyond the tenth, or indeed the favicon exposed by Faviconographer is to click or control-tab through the tabs one by one.

This UI choice makes Safari’s, well, chrome mildly annoying for those who keep a dozen or two tabs open all the time. It’s the reason I reluctantly moved from it last year.

Chrome, in contrast, exposes all open tabs uniformly wide enough to at least fit a favicon. It’s a small thing, but makes the UI simpler. I have a visible click target for each of my open tabs all the time.

Faviconographer cannot undo what Apple has hard-coded in. It does, however, get you halfway there.

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