Trump Resurrects His Claim That Both Sides Share Blame in Charlottesville Violence

Mark Sandler – The New York Times:

President Trump thrust himself back into the racial storms of Charlottesville on Thursday, repeating his charge that those who resisted the neo-Nazis and white supremacists were as much to blame as the alt-right crowds who marched on the Virginia college town.

Mr. Trump helpfully reminds us that he equates white supremacists, neo-Nazis, Klansmen, and other ignorant, marginalized haters with not only the so-called “antifa” groups, but with Charlottesville locals who turned out to denounce hate groups demonstrating in their town. He doesn’t so much denigrate the Lefties as elevate the haters, whose agenda includes maintaining the ethnic status quo placing white-skinned people above those with skin in various shades of brown.

Trump is a fraud not only to his political party and the voters who foolishly elected him, but also to the many business partners and contractors he has a long record of shafting. He is also a despicable human being.

One silver lining to all of this is that his presidency may, eventually, lead to the demise of the political party that gave up on Reconstruction, but which still claims to be the party of Lincoln. That right there is a hundred fourty-years of hypocrisy.

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