What We’re Gonna Do When the Revolution Comes

Corey Richardson – Very Smart Brothas:

Those two New Black Panthers outside the Philadelphia polling station in 2012? That was the advance team. Your grandparents tried to warn you, but you didn’t listen.

This snark is gold, not the least for this:

We’re replacing Fox News with 24 hours of Keith David just telling it like it is.

Fox News may be the most prototypically American form of entertainment going today. Overtly racist, covertly sexist, and throwing good dollar after bad trying to pretend like it ain’t while everyone else pretends it’s credible and respectable. Watching Fox & Friends in the morning is the intellectual equivalent of attending a White Citizens’ Council meeting in the 1960s South. For a black person, looking at Steve Doocy’s shit-eating grin for more than six minutes will generate a level of Afro-ire that can cause one to contemplate whether reverse racism is, in fact, a thing because the anger is so irrational.

Satire. Right?

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