477 Days. 521 Mass Shootings. Zero Action From Congress

The New York Times:

Click through for a graphic depiction of mass shootings in the US, in a month-by-month calendar form. Seen this way the regularity of shootings are particularly damning. There are so many, it looks like someone’s business and social appointments, combined.

Our cultural norms are particularly violent in the United States. The availability of firearms, and our right to have them provide ready means for acting out grievances that other, similarly legislated countries don’t see. Removing easy access to guns does not remove the inherent cultural insensitivity to violence leading to their use.

Legislating cultural change is a mistake, but changing the acceptability of non-consequential violence is necessary. We will not see an end to consequential violence until we change our willingness to be entertained by a version of the same in our everyday life.

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