∴ Let Sleeping Dogs …

A white Labrador Retriever asleep on his bed

Bodhi is sixteen weeks old this Friday. In fits and starts, and then all at once he’s the size of a Spaniel, with about thirty or so pounds to go. We think.

We’re told he’s going to be big, but big is a relative term. Both his mama and his pop were in the seventy-pound range. His bloodline does include at least one bigger boy. We’re familiar with Retrievers, in any event. Big, for us, is a Burmese Mountain Dog, or a Great Dane.

One thing evident now is his sweet personality. He very much likes being around us, and wants a snuggle after waking or just walking through the room. He loves a scratch on the ears and belly, just don’t pet him on the crown of his head.

He’s still a shark-toothed fiend much of the time, so we’re redirecting his mouth to chew toys whenever he gets on a tear with Stella, or a piece of furniture, or a hand. He’s learned the word “no” pretty well, and has mastered the art of the side-eye as he’s about to engage his mouth with the forbidden.

We’re gradually increasing the length of his walks. Now that summer temperatures have broken he’s more amenable to completing one without sitting down for a break. We’ll head out today for a local stroll and some practice walking at my heel, and I’ll stretch him out on the Warrenton Greenway this weekend.

One minor tragedy of his growing so quickly is the near loss of his favorite nap spot, under my chair while I’m sitting in it. I give him another couple of weeks before he’s unable to fit. I’ll miss that, too.

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