Trump Implies Hurricane Victims Are Ripping Off the Federal Government

Bess Levin – Vanity Fair:

To clarify, that‘s the president of the United States (1) doubling down on his claim that, really, the commonwealth brought this on itself; (2) suggesting that, despite the fact that nearly 90 percent of people are still without power and some may be drinking from Superfund sites because they don’t have clean water, the federal government is about ready to wash its hands of the situation; and (3) implying that the people of Puerto Rico are pulling a fast one on him, trying to take advantage to extract more aid than they really need. The House is set to vote Thursday on an aid package that includes roughly $5 billion for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands—structured, reportedly at Trump’s request, as a loan.

A loan, it’s worth adding, they likely can’t ever repay.

Way to go, Mr. Trump. Blame the victims, under-perform relief, then stick them with the tab. Despicable.

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