∴ Into the Arms of America

Long, well-written and researched articles fly over heads.

Contrarian opinion, anything, really, that flies in the face of the received American narrative draws scorn and rejection.

Spare, direct prose, a form that leaves little room for error or misunderstanding and holds the shortened attention of minds weened on a diet of reality television and fast food, seems best. It’s a form I treasure, anyway.

Sympathy for the un- and under-employed whose work has departed for cheaper labor markets or has been supplanted by robotics, software, and engineered solutions abounds. We’re told it elected a president, even.

Black Americans have suffered un- and under-employment rates in greater measure than those displaced in recent years, in greater number per capita and for a longer time span than anyone else in America. It’s been a problem since before there was an America, because the black Africans hauled here in chains could have been doing more for themselves than picking cotton.

Where’s populist sympathy for them? Has it decided elections? Why not?

Spare enough?

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