Sound of Mystery Attacks in Cuba Released

Beth Mole – Ars Technica:

On Thursday, the Associated Press released the first audio recording of the sound that some diplomats say they heard during mystery attacks in Havana, Cuba. Those attacks have so far left 22 Americans with a puzzling range of symptoms, from brain injuries to hearing loss.

The sound is high-pitched and grating. You can listen to it here (but beware: it’s unpleasant).

I listened to the sound five times through. During the first two passes I thought I wasn’t hearing anything at all. It was only when I raised my laptop’s volume to its maximum that I heard the grating, high-frequency sound. It’s very close to the frequency of my tinnitus, which has gotten louder this past year.

It strikes me unlikely that a Cuban intelligence agency is responsible for these sounds, unless, as speculated, they’re coming from malfunctioning bugging devices. Warming relations between Cuba and the United States benefit both nations. More likely the physically debilitating sounds are directed by an unfriendly government displeased the turn of diplomatic events, perhaps a government that once held great sway over the Caribbean island. A government led by a former intelligence officer rightly accused of operating both a kleptocracy and a murderous autocratic regime under the guise of democracy.

Anyone come to mind?

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