Roy Moore Response Shows Republican Party Deserves to Die

Max Boot – USA Today:

You may have thought that Republicans had sunk as low as they could possibly go last year when they nominated for the presidency a man who was singularly unfit, morally and mentally, for that post. But, no, once you start racing to the bottom you never quite stop. There is always another level of degeneracy to be plumbed.

So far, much to their eternal discredit, [Roy] Moore’s Republican backers in Alabama appear to be sticking by him. Paul Reynolds, the Republican national committee man from Alabama, told The Hill that he doesn’t trust The Washington Post: “If I’ve got a choice of putting my welfare into the hands of Putin or The Washington Post, Putin wins every time.” State auditor Jim Ziegler is willing to admit the charges are true, but he doesn’t care. He cited the Biblical story of Mary and Joseph — “Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter. They became parents of Jesus”— and concluded, “There’s just nothing immoral or illegal here. Maybe just a little bit unusual.”

Emphasis mine.

Creating a false dilemma – since when is anyone’s well-being in the hands of a newspaper? – and hiding behind religion and ignorance are what passes for political leadership in Alabama. Please tell us more, so a wider audience can know exactly who you are.

Now would be a great time for moderate conservatives who’ve been ostracized by their “party,” and movement conservatives who find themselves alone in an intellectual and moral desert to form an American Conservative party. Grab two (and only two) of Reagan’s three legs of the stool and run on foreign and fiscal policy. Leave America’s moral choices in our hands. Give voters an alternative to old-school Democrats and the imploding Republican party.

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