∴ Virginia Voting Trends

Here’s an interesting graphic showing county-by-county voting results in Virginia gubernatorial elections stretching back to 1961.

Virginia gubernatorial results from 1961 to 2017

What struck me is how Virginia immediately swung to the left in response to the Reagan years, back right during the Clinton years, returned somewhat left during the G. W. Bush years, and then more firmly to the right during the Obama years. Our most recent results show a strong east/west polarization; rural Virginia votes heavily Republican, population centers vote Democrat.

The upshot: Virginia is more contrarian than a bellwether of sentiment to the recently elected president. The state votes the other way when the White House changes party hands, and stays that way when the incumbent is re-elected. What this says about sentiment for our state leadership is anyone’s guess. It says more clearly that our voters love creating a backlash, then lose interest.

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