Cory Booker Loves Donald Trump

Michael Kruse – POLITICO Magazine:

“I hear Democrats often say this, that Republicans are so mean … we’ve got to stop being so nice,” he said. “I’m, like, ‘That’s 100-percent opposite to what we need to be.’ We don’t need to take on the tactics that we find unacceptable in the Republican Party. That doesn’t mean we don’t need to fight hard and make sacrifices and struggle and battle—but we do not need to take on the dark arts.”

What, though, if that’s what people want? After all, he was praised by his party when he broke with Senate tradition to rebuke his colleague Jeff Sessions during his confirmation hearing. No one is going out of their way to praise him for being openhearted about Trump.

“It’s a natural human inclination,” he said. But he added: “It’s not what we preach in churches on Sunday mornings, in synagogues on Friday nights, in mosques during the call of prayer.”

I like this guy. His problem, though, is going to be the question, is he for-real?

It’s the impression I came away with after hearing a David Axelrod interview with Booker for The Axe Files. He sounds too good to be true – a modern day King, or Gandhi – when he talks about killing his opponents with kindness. There’s a need for leadership like this. I wonder if he has the needed toughness to go along with it.

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